London glam boudoir photographer


Ms M came to our London studio all the way from Oxford. She has requested to stay anonymous but has graciously written this testimonial for us to share with an image of her that doesn’t reveal her identity.

She’s also written another review which we will share in PART 2.

Why did you do your boudoir photoshoot?

My childhood, teens and twenties were spent hating my body. Along with anxiety and depression, I think my eating disorder was inevitable, but I had to go through it to realise that I am not naturally a size 8.

Being “skinny” cost me so much and my anxiety and depression hit rock bottom. The physical recovery from anorexia was hard, but easy compared to the emotional recovery. Whilst I could remind myself that my body knew best what it needs and it had kept me going despite how badly I abused it, the little voice that controlled my ED still knew how to make me feel ashamed of it.

It’s so easy to glamourise my ED body, even though I also vividly remember how all my bones stuck out, I could feel every single vertebra, sitting down was painful, my skin was grey and I was always cold. I was all angles, not curves.

I have spent the last six months confronting the emotional recovery and trying to accept my body for what it is. I decided to engage in some of the most personal and intimate activities possible, where I would have to be partially or fully be naked because I knew tiptoeing around my insecurities and self-hatred wouldn’t achieve anything.

The boudoir photoshoot was the culmination of being brave and seeing what magic the outside of my body can do.

What did this photoshoot do for your self-confidence and self-image?

The fact I walked boldly around the apartment in underwear and whilst topless says it all! 🙂

What was your favourite part of the boudoir session?

Every revelation – from seeing my make-up and hair for the first time to being able to hold the poses, to seeing the photos for the first time….I didn’t think any of that would be possible.

What would you say to anyone who’s feeling nervous about having a boudoir session of their own?

Our bodies are nothing short of miraculous. It’s so easy to be driven to shame by ridiculous beauty standards set by idiots who simply objectify the human body, or by outdated science that assumes every individual body has exactly the same requirements and likes to prioritise our physical health over our emotional wellbeing.

Boudoir sessions challenge all of these and give you complete control over your body, your image and your life!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Thank you so much to you both. You do something truly special and made me feel so comfortable all day.

Your attention to detail is outstanding and your advice before the shoot is absolutely sound.

Please don’t change what you do! Both you and Attia (the MUA) were so lovely, warm and welcoming. This experience has meant so much to me, so a truly heartfelt thank you.

Are you ready to have an incredible boudoir experience to celebrate your journey and improve your self-confidence? I’ll walk you through everything.