London glam boudoir photographer


Ms M came to our London studio all the way from Oxford. She has requested to stay anonymous but has graciously written this review for us to share with an image of her that doesn’t reveal her identity.

She’s also written another testimonial which has been shared here.

These are her words:

My boudoir photo shoot with Lize was the result of an “ah-ha!” moment. In recent years, I have survived an eating disorder, but as anyone who has ever struggled will know, physical recovery is one thing and emotional recovery is something entirely different. 

Unfortunately, we’re in a society where “thin” is the ultimate compliment and “fat” is the epitome of disgust. Weight loss is praised and weight gain makes you an outcast.

My body functions best when it’s big, and that matters more than a judgemental ignorant opinion. So, I decided to take my body’s side once and for all. It had kept me going through years of abusive anorexic behaviours. Surely now it deserved the ultimate respect and celebration. Lize’s website was the one that made me feel safe and comfortable to do that. 

My eating disorder had stopped me from feeling worthy of flaunting around in gorgeous lingerie. Booking with Lize was the first time in my 34 years of ever shopping for stockings, bodices or basques. I felt I finally had permission to do it. Lize provided an excellent preparation guide about what styles would suit me – she knows her stuff ladies! 

The morning of my shoot, it was pouring with rain and really blustery. I hadn’t even gotten on the train and was questioning my common sense. I was going to turn up looking like a Disney peasant, expecting a Cinderella makeover. 

Luckily, Lize has a wonderfully talented associate in Attia, who turned up at the location with an entire suitcase of make-up and a beaming grin – which was going to be needed with the work she had ahead of her to transform the weather-beaten look I’d been cultivating all morning. 

I thought I would feel shy and embarrassed once “The Moment” came and I would look foolish prancing about attempting to look even fractionally sexy. But in the event, I was so excited to get started. This is what pride in my own body felt like, and I had never experienced that before. 

Lize is an absolute star. She has such a warm personality, is calm and jolly, and clearly loves what she does. You cannot fail to feel safe with her or push yourself beyond what you thought you could do. Her attention to detail is exquisite, yet I never felt flustered or pressured to achieve perfection. If anything, my time with Lize redefined “perfection”! 

The first viewing of my photos did exactly what I hoped for. I was terrified that I was going to look ridiculous and shame Lize and Attia’s outstanding skills. But what Lize had captured was real.

Ironically, the outfits that I thought would be the most fun and flattering weren’t, and the ones I had thought were more risqué actually ended up being my favourites. The “real” me in Lize’s photos were everything my eating disorder voice had hated, but now it was beautiful.

It wasn’t fat – it was curvy, squishy, and huggable. It wasn’t lumpy and bumpy – it was delicate and gentle. And my boobs oozed feminity; the eating disorder had swallowed them up, but I ate to get back the one thing that made me feel like a woman. I could almost hear the voice grumbling as she gave up the fight and slouched off. 

Within days, I wanted to book another session. It was so empowering and had given me so many feelings and rights that I previously felt unworthy of. I want to push myself further now, try out more ravishing outfits, strike more daring poses and explore another version of bombshell me. 

I owe Lize and Attia so much. Their kindness, encouragement and warmth made the day a truly fabulous experience and I have never felt so special. To anyone who is unsure about booking a session, do it. Don’t hesitate, because I promise, you will never look back. 

Are you ready to have an incredible boudoir experience to celebrate your journey and improve your self-confidence? I’ll walk you through everything.