Luxury boudoir studio

Don’t know what to wear for your boudoir session at our London photography studio? Choosing an outfit for your photoshoot doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the right mindset and resources, you can let go of your shopping anxiety and walk away with pieces that you feel confident and sexy in for your big day. 

So what’s the game plan?

First, it’s key that you’re shopping for the right size. Every woman’s body is unique, and after getting fitted and measured a lot of women learn that they’ve been wearing ill-fitting bras their entire lives! Consultations at Marks & Spencer or Victoria’s Secret are an old classic. Bravissimo is another good choice if you’re a 36DD or more.

Now, shopping is the fun part! The most important thing to keep in mind, is that you’re shopping for you. Your photos will look their best if you feel confident in what you’re wearing and this means staying true to yourself when you’re making your selections. If you’re not exactly sure what your vibe is, SavageXFenty has a great online quiz to help you out! Keep in mind that solid colours and clean lines photograph best! If you’re feeling unsure about your picks, always know that you can reach out to me for reassurance! 

Some Examples of what to wear for your boudoir session: 

Jeans Jacket, Men’s Shirt, Leather Jacket, Sweater or Jersey

Luxury boudoir studio


Luxury boudoir studio

Bra, Pantie, Garter Set

luxury boudoir photography


luxury boudoir studio
Image from BIC BIM

Teddy or Bodysuit

London boudoir photographer
Bodysuit from SavageXFenty

You’ll need black, nude or white stockings to pair with lingerie sets that have a garter attachment. You’ll also want to bring black or nude heels; and don’t forget accessories if they’re your thing!

Are you ready to embrace your sensuality and feel beautiful just as you truly are? Hit me up for a FREE consultation to get all your questions answered.


Luxury boudoir studio

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