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In the beginning…

Photography was a hobby I became obsessed with during my teenage years. It was a means for me to document the passing of events in my life and the experiences I shared with family and friends. But by the time I got to university, my camera was mostly a tool I used to capture I and my friends’ not so tame night outs.

The progression…

As time went on, I graduated from university and exchanged the party lifestyle for blogging in my spare time. Through this new creative outlet, photography became a means to convey my experiences from the places I was visiting and sharing with my readers. By 2016, my passion for photography as an art form had grown even more and I was finally sure that I wanted to use it as another means (in addition to my creative writing) to tell visual stories and explore various narratives as well as human emotions and experiences.

The evolution…

While I was building my portfolio early last year, I came across a photography marketing tutorial that talked about boudoir photography and I guess it piqued my interest. I had decided not to bottle myself to any niche since I was still exploring the art form as a new professional, so I decided to give boudoir photography a go.

One of my first clients shared that she wanted the boudoir experience as a way to build her self-confidence. I found that fascinating, but soon enough something clicked in my head and I realized I knew exactly what she meant because only some years ago I had also felt empowered and in charge of my body after doing a semi-nude shoot for my 25th birthday.

I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour, hence why I studied Psychology and Sociology at university. But in this case, the way women are policed, especially in regards to having agency over our own bodies is a point for contention.

So you see, boudoir is much more than posing in sexy lingerie. In fact, it’s a valid means by which women can take back the autonomy of how they feel about their bodies and feel beautiful regardless of what society’s imposed status quo is.

The boudoir experience is a way for her to feel empowered and valued all the while exploring her femininity and sensuality away from the gaze of anyone else but herself.

I choose to photograph boudoir images because I want to capture the natural essence of these women brave enough to choose themselves and to help their inner beauty shine through. It’s my way of celebrating every woman and championing her to truly see herself as she innately is.

Beneath it all, we’re spirited beings wanting to feel understood and to connect with others around us, and boudoir helps us to accept ourselves first. This is why I became a boudoir photographer.

I love seeing the big smiles and the light pop in their eyes when they see the sneak peek images during the photo shoot. Those moments during the boudoir experience and the gush after the final reveal is worth it. And the best part is that they’ll have these photos to look back on for years to come and every time they do, it will draw back incredibly pleasant memories!

Thanks for reading my story.

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