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Embracing Her Sensuality

Before my boudoir photoshoot with Lize, I underestimated the poses and the amount of confidence I would need for the session. I drew inspiration from looking at Instagram posts of beautiful women who knew how to have their angles captured perfectly on camera. I convinced myself that I would be a natural and could emulate the same level of sexiness as them -if not more (I was feeling myself haha).

glam boudoir photography

As you can imagine when you underestimate something, I forgot all my poses and confidence at the start of the photoshoot. 

Thankfully, Lize provided a safe space that encouraged me to pose in a way that I didn’t even initially anticipate. She guided me in a way that helped me improvise and gain more confidence. 

glam boudoir photography

As a result, Lize produced a great work of art which has shown my sexiness in different ways I didn’t know before. I encourage everyone to work with Lize to explore their sexiness and be empowered.

glam boudoir photography

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