over 50 boudoir photoshoot

Whether You’re a Size 6 or 26, Do It For Yourself!

I had a wonderful boudoir session with Emma in early March, just before the lockdown in London.

Emma was wonderful during her session. I was glad to have photographed such a brave woman who had been through a lot but had taken the courage to leave a negative situation to improve herself.

During my talk with Emma, she shared that she decided to do a boudoir shoot because she had lost some weight; and while she had done a boudoir shoot in the past, it hadn’t been as professional as the service she experienced at Okoh’s Boudoir.

“In the last 4 years I’ve lost 5 1/2 stone, got divorced and have got my confidence back. I’m never going to be skinny. I’m a curvy size 14 but I’m now happy. Having professional pics done has boosted my confidence even more.”

over 40 boudoir photoshoot london

Some women tend to be nervous before their shoot, so I wanted to know how Emma felt about her session at Okoh’s Boudoir. When asked if the experience was what she was expecting, she said: “It was more relaxed and fun than I thought it would be!”

She adds that she didn’t have a favourite part of the session. Instead, she loved it from start to finish- the make-up and atmosphere, especially being made to feel really good about herself.

over 40 boudoir photoshoot London

When asked if she’d recommend us to a friend, Emma said: “Yes, I’ve already given out a business card” – and we’re happy to hear such a positive response!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us Emma?

“Whether you’re a size 6 or 26 do it for yourself, it’s an amazing experience!”

over 40 boudoir photoshoot London
over 40 boudoir photoshoot London

Watch Emma’s Video Interview Below

Are you ready to have an incredible boudoir experience to celebrate your journey and improve your self-esteem?