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Empowering Women Through The Art of Boudoir

Boudoir to me is way more than pretty pictures, but rather a celebration of women who’ve found the courage to revel in their innate beauty, value and sensuality. 

All over the world, women are raised in societies that call them to first serve others, from their families to future partners. However, during my boudoir photoshoot, I call on women to embrace all that is within them! From their femininity to their strength, all the way to their sensuality. My luxury boudoir experience is a time for women to either discover or re-discover the joy of self. It’s an opportunity to build self-confidence and enhance self-esteem. 

My boudoir photoshoot is an experience in itself, allowing everyone who passes through my doors to connect with their inner self and find the beauty that is from within and that inevitably exudes outwards.

Whatever your size, height or complexion, you are beautiful just as you are right now. You don’t need to wait for an X date in the future to realise this fact. If you’re still finding it hard to see the beauty in yourself although you readily seen it in others, I hope my boudoir experience will help lead you to that path.

Your luxury boudoir session will begin with a beauty and glam session to help set the mood of the empowering session to commence.

I currently offer four types of luxury boudoir sessions:

  1. As You Are Boudoir: This boudoir session is for everyone, including couples. I’m the Queen of themes and photoshoot concepts, so if you fancy more than a classic boudoir session, let me know during your consultation and I’ll come up with a theme specially for you. This can be inspired by your hobbies if need be
  2. Maternity Boudoir: A bit obvious right? This boudoir session is for expecting mothers. Let me capture you in your most powerful yet vulnerable moment as you carry new life within you. These tastefully posed images during your pregnancy will be a treasure to keep hold of for years to come and can be passed down through generations
  3. Bridal Boudoir: Again, as the title suggests, this boudoir session is for a bride-to-be who wants to amp the ante by sharing the gift of a boudoir album to her partner a day before their wedding night. What a way to leave your significant other in anticipation right?
  4. Artistic Nude: This session is for people who are interested in capturing a fine art concept for themselves. I don’t do raunchy or porn photography. This session will be treated delicately and creatively to bring about a mysterious and artistic mood that you’ll be proud of mounting as wall art in your home. I’ll discuss a theme with you and we’ll go from there in sourcing the props for your special shoot.

No matter the session type you choose, you’ll always be in control of the session and how much you want to reveal.


The Session

The session fee for my luxury boudoir experience includes the following:

  • Pre-shoot consultation, a guide on preparing for your session and styling
  • 3-hours photoshoot experience
  • Glam session by a professional hair & makeup artist
  • Props to enhance the artistry in the images
  • Mood board to create a personalised and unique theme
  • Beautiful luxury studio in London (travel expense is due for locations outside London)
  • Up to 5 outfit changes
  • Full posing and direction 
  • Professional retouching & editing of final images 
  • Same day reveal of all images
  • Album design

Would you like to have the boudoir session at your home? I’m happy to have the shoot at yours and we can discuss this during your free consultation.

The session fee does not include artworks, print images, digital files, or any other products. These are sold separately. Examples of the gorgeous products available for purchase to showcase your images include a personalised album, print folio box, wall art, mobile app and digital files as seen below.

After The Session

You’ll be served some snacks and beverages while I set up a viewing gallery for you. This should take about 45 mins, during which you can relax and have some nibbles, catch up on your social media or read a book.

Once the gallery is ready, you’ll be able to make your selections and I’ll start preparing your order. 


Payment Policy 

The session fee is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your shoot I require 14 days notice, without this you will lose the session fee.

I don’t have a strict purchase requirement. Instead I focus on making sure you only get what you love.

Ways To pay

  1. Prepay for your collection before the photo shoot date and get bonuses or a percentage off the total
  2. Pay in full via cash, credit or debit card or BACS transfer on the day of your session
  3. In house payment plan with us (0% interest). Let us know during your booking if you’d like this option

I offer free consultations to go over the details of your session. Once you’ve booked your boudoir session, I’ll send my VIP preparation guide and other relevant information to help you prepare.

Ready to have an incredible boudoir experience and reconnect with your inner beauty?

London boudoir photography


  • I had a great session with Lize.
    She is kind, calming and knowledgeable whilst being passionate and excited about her craft.
    The images came back quickly and were absolutely stunning.
    Presented beautifully and with such thought and care.

  • Lize was a professional through and through yet she made it all so fun. She made me feel very at ease and she took amazing photos!!! Highly recommend.

  • Working with Lize was great! The whole process from organising the photoshoot to receiving the actual images, she was very friendly and professional. It was my first boudoir photo shoot experience and I was nervous, but she made me feel comfortable and it is very important to have some sort of connection with the photographer. I am very pleased with my pictures

  • I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lize! She accommodated my schedule and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the shoot. As this was my first boudoir experience, she directed me expertly to make sure I got the results that I was looking for. I remain impressed by her professionalism and attention to detail, and I highly recommend Lize to anyone who is looking for quality photographs that they will cherish for a lifetime.

  • I underestimated the poses and the amount of confidence I would need for a boudoir photoshoot. Thankfully, Lize provided a safe space that encouraged me in ways I didn’t even initially anticipate. She guided me in a way that helped me gain more confidence. As a result, she produced a great work of art which has shown my sexiness in different ways I didn’t know before. I encourage everyone to work with Lize to explore their sexiness and be empowered.

  • Absolutely fantastic day. I was made to feel really special and the finished photos are outstanding

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