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You’re probably reading this because you’ve either booked a boudoir session or you’re curious about what is involved in getting ready for one. If you’ve ever wondered, “how do I prepare for a boudoir shoot in order to get the best out of the experience?” Not to worry babe, I’ve got you!

You see, as a creative photographer who also loves to be in front of the camera, I’ve been in your shoes before. And like you, I love to prepare for my photo shoots in order to get the best outcome, especially when I’m making such a big investment! 

So without much further ado, here are my top tips on getting ready for your London boudoir session and preparing for your photo shoot:

Organise Your Outfits & Pack The Night Before

Not sure about what outfits to buy or pack for your boudoir session? You wouldn’t be the first person to feel this way. Needless to say, your outfit selection for your boudoir session is important. Picking a lingerie set, corset or clothing that makes you feel sexy as well as comfortable in your skin is essential, as this will make you confident on the day and enhance your experience. Do you need help with what to wear for your boudoir session? You can check out my handy tips.

Once you’ve made your selections and bought them or sourced them from your drawer, make sure to organise and pack them into the bag you’ll be taking with you to your boudoir session. The last thing you want to do is forget anything on the day of your photo shoot. Oh, and make sure you try out any new outfits at home before turning up for your session. It would be a big downer if you try it for the first time at the studio and it doesn’t fit properly or look as good on you as you thought it would!
And before you zip that bag up, don’t forget to include your jewelry, heels and any other accessories that would look banging with your chosen outfit.

Grooming Rituals

It would be totally awesome if you could start your exfoliation routine two weeks before your shoot date as this will ensure a smoother makeup application and will look better on camera. As standard, two times per week is recommended and you can do this by using a washcloth and gentle face scrub. Also, you can use a sugar-and-oil scrub or even your toothbrush to get rid of chapped or flaky skin on your lips for a flawless lip colour application. 

Moisturising is essential, so ensure you do this when preparing for your boudoir photo shoot. The night before and the morning of your photo shoot is best if you already don’t moisturise as part of your daily routine. 

Get your eyebrows threaded, waxed or in shape for a great look! And if you’re in the no hair tribe, please ensure you get at least your bikini line, underarms or legs shaved or waxed. However, if you’re team natural, you’re welcome to come as you are. I don’t participate in body shaming for any beauty standard! 

In regards to tanning, I’d prefer if you come as you are. Your boudoir photo shoot is to celebrate you as you! However, if you find this extremely uncomfortable and want to tan for the shoot, I’d recommend a very light tan and only if you’re confident in the outcome.

On the day of the shoot, try not to wear a bra when you leave your home because the straps often leave marks which we obviously don’t want in the pictures, especially if you’ll be wearing a corset or strapless lingerie for your photo shoot.

Finally, please don’t try any drastic beauty regimes or anything new before the shoot day! For example, a new hair colour, tanning regime or waxing process. I want to avoid you looking back at the pictures with any form of regret because you wanted to try something new.

Decide on Your Hair & Makeup Look

Now this is one of the fun parts wouldn’t you say? You get to be all dolled and glammed up! To get ready for hair and makeup, you’re required to turn up with a fresh face free of any makeup and clean hair. It’s best if you can wash your hair the night before or that morning so it’s ready for styling. Also, once you’ve booked your boudoir session, we’ll go over the type of makeup you’d like. Options include an editorial look, seductive such as smokey eyes and red lips, pretty such as using lots of highlighter to give you a glow and soft pink lipgloss for the perfect pout; or natural. Not to worry if you’re unsure. Part of my job is to make sure the makeup, styling and everything else comes well together. You’ll also be able to discuss with the MUA on the day to get you the perfect look.

List The Parts of Your Body That You Love

Leading up to your boudoir session, I’d love for you to make a list of all the parts of your body that you love. Do you love your eyes, hair, legs or bum? Write it all down and make sure to bring it with you or let me know on the day! For extra source of confidence, stand in front of a mirror and looking at those parts, practise some poses that are flattering and make you love those features even more! I want to get you ready for an awesome and empowering boudoir session.  

Stay Nourished & Hydrated

I know that no one wants a food belly on the day of their photo shoot. However, I don’t want you fainting on me, so having a light meal before your session is important. Keeping hydrated is also key. So drinks lots of water days leading up to your boudoir session. It will also help your skin a lot!

Luxury boudoir photographer

Make a Playlist

Whatever your music tastes are, I hold no judgement! Whether it’s Beyonce, Wizkid, The Rolling Stones or Sade Adu, we’ll turn up the speakers to get you in your best groove!

Mood is everything! And the boudoir session is all about you being your sexiest, most empowered self. After you get your hair and makeup done, and put on a sultry lingerie whilst listening to your favourite playlist, you’ll be feeling on top of the world!

On the other hand, if you’d prefer me to make the playlist, no worries! I’ll get it sorted.

Think Twice About Inviting a Friend

Having a familiar face in the room to cheer you might sound like a good idea. However, in my experience, what tends to happen is that the family member or friend being present actually causes people to be self-conscious, thus creating a limited attitude. It makes them feel more restricted with their poses, expressions and mindset. Why? Because it’s no longer private! Instead you’d be worried about “performing” for the audience you have. Also, you may not push yourself as far as you’d like because you think they might judge you. Having a friend in the room works for only a few people. 

However, if you’re sure this will work for you, bring them along. And if they’d like a photo shoot too, I can photograph you both separately (or together if you like) for a discount! Contact me to learn more. 

Check Out My Portfolio

Check out my portfolio for posing inspiration and then try them out in front of a mirror. Don’t worry about not getting it right. I’ll be there to pose and direct you throughout the photo shoot session. But familiarising yourself in bending your body in different ways is good for flexibility!

Stretch the morning of your session in order to warm up and get ready for posing and direction. It will be a workout. Be mentally prepared to work your butt off. Your body will be in poses that it normally is not in. Just trust that even if it feels uncomfortable, I know how to pose you so that you look amazing!

Let me know ahead of time if you have problem areas and what you’re uncomfortable with doing. 

Bring Sentimental Items

Is there a special necklace, ring or hat that you’d like to be photographed in? Please bring these items with you and I’ll work them into your photoshoot.

In addition, if you are doing this shoot for your significant other, then it would be a great idea to bring something that is important to him/her. Whether it’s their team’s jersey or the lingerie he/she bought you for your first anniversary, they will LOVE it!

Relax and Get Ready To Have an Awesome Experience

Have a long bath, read a book, light your favourite scented candle or practice a form of self-care. It’s all about you for a change. Don’t stress about it. It’s my job to ensure everything comes well together. 

To maintain a stress-free morning, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get to my studio. I don’t want you sweaty or panicking about being late which will ruin your mood. Take your time, plan ahead and most of all, get ready to have an awesome experience!

BONUS: Plan a Night Out With Your Friends or Partner!

When I’m done with you, believe that you’d be on an absolute high! You’re going to love your photos and feel super confident about yourself. You’ll get to see the beauty that you are, through my lens.

You’d already have your glam makeup done, so make sure you plan a night out with your friends or set up a hot date and take the confidence you’ve built throughout the day with you and make it count!

Are you ready to feel empowered and celebrated? Contact me now to have a laid back chat about your boudoir experience and what you’d like to achieve.


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